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Educational support run by the professionals.

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Organising your education or your child's education can be challenging. The educational landscape in London can be daunting and appear overwhelming whether one is searching for the perfect school for their child, preparing them for entrance exams, or returning to university as a mature student. Since 2016, we have been serving loyal clients in the London area and internationally. 

Finding a tutor is not always easy; too often, university students without teaching experience, or an in-depth knowledge of the curriculum, offer to help in exchange for exorbitant fees. We see things differently. All of the tutors working with Essendine Education are successful teachers working in leading schools who have years of experience. 

This is educational support run by the professionals. 

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Professional support from £78-150 per hour with a Teacher from a leading school.

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Expert Guidance

Whether preparing for the 11+ exams, or your A levels, one-on-one tuition with a Professional Teacher provides  focused academic support for specific needs. Starting from 1 hour lessons, these sessions are often the difference between a C and an A grade.

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Wide-ranging Support

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History of Art
Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning

High School Students


A Comprehensive Consultancy Service

UK schools have unique personalities that suit specific needs. Just because you can pass the entrance exam does not mean it is the right school for you. A school selection session involves looking broadly at the achievements and needs of your child in order to match them with an educational environment in which they can flourish.

This consultancy service starts with a free telephone call to discuss parameters followed by an assessment session with the student to identify the personality of school where they will flourish. 

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Actualising Potential

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are challenging at the best of times. When English is not your first language it can be harder to perform as well as you should in your degree. University support sessions involve assisted reading of materials and comprehensive proofing of written work.

Interview Preparation also available

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Essendine Education's founder, Thomas, tutored our daughter and then 3 years later our son. He prepared our children for 11+ examination into very strong and competitive academic school. Our daughter now attends Latymer Upper school and it is in large part thanks to him. Thomas is not just an English tutor, but so much more. Thomas is an incredible teacher who is passionate about language and literature. His passion for literature is contagious and he is able to pass to his students. Thomas is incredible knowledgeable about all aspects of 11+ examination. He also knows the local independent schools really well and is intimately familiar with all the requirements. I highly recommend Thomas!

They tutored my son from a C to an A at GCSE in just a few months!

Our son passed 11 plus to two top 50 selective independent schools under careful supervision. When we started tuition, our son hated writing essays. After a few lessons we saw improvement - his confidence grew, his writing, composing and descriptive skills improved. After three months of tuition he passed his first essay exam, no longer frightened of composing and to a large extent, we attribute this to his experience with Essendine Education tutoring. The tutor was a professional, friendly, reliable, kind and was focused on bringing the best out of our child. We can highly recommend Essendine Education

My kid is bright but we just needed an extra bit of help to understand London schools. They got us our first choice!

My son has just finished 3 months of weekly English and Maths lessons in the run up to an entrance exam. It only took the tutor one lesson to understand how Luke ticks. Luke relished every lesson and was really sad when they came to an end. He explained concepts clearly and simply and I could see Luke’s confidence growing. They covered a huge amount of content in that time but it really didn’t feel like a chore for Luke as the lessons were so much fun for him. I would highly recommend Thomas.

They're reliable and efficient. Within a few weeks I could see my son become more confident.

Essendine Education arranged an excellent tutor for our sons. They have both improved significantly since we started.

My son is always very eager for his upcoming lessons and he has been progressing very well. Our tutor is a friendly and experienced teacher and we are very happy to get to know him.

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Latymer Upper 

Westminster School 

City of London Girls 

City of London Boys 

St Pauls School 

St Pauls Girls School 

Latymer and Godolphin 

Latymer State 

Francis Holland School 

Magdalen College School 

South Hampstead High School 

Kings College School 

Guildford High 

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